Friday, November 11, 2011

Donatella going H.A.M on Rappers

I was looking for Kanye and Jay-Z video performance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in New York and saw pictures instead. First thing I spotted was Kanye in Versace for H&M! Like wow isn't that crazy? Donatella marketing her brand through  rappers and singers: Nicky Minaj, Prince and now Kanye! I can see that this is about to sell for sure. Nice strategy. But then again a question that often comes to my mind is that luxury brands at lower prices are no longer consider as luxury especially when it is design for the general public. Luxury brand are high end products at high prices normally for the elite class -those few who can afford them. So do luxury brands teaming up with high street stores stand up for their image. Sorry if I am going too much over  board.
Sleep thight!!

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