Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Controversial Trend: Fur (Class Homework)

London, Paris, New York, Milan, fur has been on the runway and on the street for several years now. Faux or real, it keeps you warm and it is very practical. This trend is still strongly noticeable for 2011 fall and even will go beyond and stick around in 2012's fashion.

FAUX FUR -'Guilt Free'
Over the years, social groups like PETA and others have put pressure on designers over the use of fur. So no wonder why one might have noticed the popularity of faux fur over genuine fur. From Chanel to Stella McCartney to high street shops such as TopShop offering countless options of faux fur.

Me and my TopShop Faux Fur Scarf
EVERYTHING FUR -'A cosy touch of Accessories'
As the trend evolves we find we find fur on everything, from hats to bags to boots, scarf, gloves and the list goes on.From the runway to the street to celebrities.

COLOURED FUR -'the very bold statement'
From snowy white to grey brown and black have been the most prominent when it came to fur. But now in 2011, dyed fur are also noticeable on the runway and on the streets:green, blue, red, purple and the list goes on.

Gucci Fall 2011

Gucci Fall 2011

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