Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little life updates!

About my life

Still busy but even busier! I found a job in the fashion industry and I now work in midtown Manhattan, New York just 5 minutes from where I live. I work in the office dealing with so many different stuff. And the owner, who is such an icon in the fashion world happens to work there too! I know right, who could have ever imagine that.

Most important resolution of 2012
Update the blog daily! I have to put it as a commitment and stick to it because I know how bad I have been lately and I guess it's  pathetic. So get ready for at least one new article per day!

I recentely created my first Vlog Chanel on Youtube! and here goes the description

Hi everyone, my name is Melissa and this is my Vlog. I will be posting anything I feel like sharing. From fashion to random stuffs. Hopefully you may like it.

That's about it love!!!!
See you on the next post


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