Monday, October 3, 2011

A Day Out in London

Pictures by Me.

London Black Cab

London Underground

London New Double Decker Bus

London Old Double Decker Bus
London Tower Bridge Closed
London Tower Bridge Opened
Who wouldn't want a Frappuccino Mocha!

London Fancy Black Cab
Rosé for me and Fruit Juice for my Boyfriend

Chicken Satay
Duck Spring Rolls

Pad Thai and Japanes Chiken Fried Rice
When I came back from washing my hands, I found this on the Table!

Diamond Necklace :) Thanks Boo :P
Found this guy on the underground! Check out his look!


  1. Lovely pictures....I can't wait to visit London town!!! Nice blog...I'm am now following ;-)

  2. You are more than welcome dear. London is waiting for you
    and thank you for findin the pictures nice :)


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